Classic Pins Releases MLB World Series History Commemorative Pins

Classic Pins Releases MLB World Series History Commemorative Pins

1923 World Series Commemorative Pin

For years Classic Pins has been working to create a line of World Series pins commemorating every MLB World Series ever contested.  Well, it's finally here.

Classic Pins presents the first ever line of  MLB World Series History Pins. Every month for the next year we will be releasing 10 World Series pins commemorating each of the World Series ever played. Fully licensed by MLB and the Cooperstown Collection, these pins tell the story as they will feature the World Series logo for that year, World Series match ups by year including the two participating team logos with the winning team logo shown larger.  Also featured on the each pin is the margin of victory and a memorable comment of that World Series is included on most. Each pin is numbered on the back up to the limited amount 0f 1,000 pieces and measure 1.5".  They are made larger and thicker than the average lapel pin to reflect the higher collectible press pin.  

Classic Pins will continue to release a new pin every year enabling the collector to eventually collect every World Series. Classic Pins will create a new pin every year for the current World Series that will fit the set.  When complete this World Series History pin set will no doubt be the most valuable MLB pin collection every produced.  To start collecting the set go to Classic Pins

3rd Nov 2014 Classic Pins

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